Snake Fly

This can be a deadly pattern for seatrout.  It has been tied in many forms from the one I will explain to others that are tied entirely with braid.  It can be used in a number of sizes and is light and therefore easy to cast with a single handed rod. This can be a [...]

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The Usk Grub

This pattern has earned a reputation around the world for its fish taking ability. As I understand it is the first recorded tying of a shrimp pattern and was the basis for the shrimp patterns of Ireland and not the other way round. The dressing is as Follows: Hook: Treble, double or single (your choice- [...]

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Willie Gun Tube

This is a very successful pattern for salmon in many rivers throughout the British Isles and Europe. The dressing is as follows: Tube:                                  From 1/2" to 2" either aluminium or Copper. Silk:                                    Black Tag:                                   Gold Oval Tinsel (Small in this example) Rib:                                    As Tag Body:                                 Black Silk Floss Wing:                                 Mixed Black, yellow, orange, and red  Buck [...]

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