Conehead Temple Dog Tube Fly
Fly Tying

Conehead Temple Dog Tube Fly

  • Hook: Plastic tube size of choice tied in the Froden FITS style
  • Tag: Gold Oval with Red fluoro floss
  • Tail: Flou Red Antron or floss
  • Rib: As tag
  • Body: In two parts. Rear two-thirds Gold holographic mylar tinsel. Front third either black floss or seals fur.
  • Body Hackle: Orange dyed silver badger wound palmered style.
  • Wing: Brown arctic fox under Rainbow flashabou or similar, under three or four strands of Peacock herl, under Black arctic fox.
  • Hackle: Black schlappen doubled and wound
  • Cheeks: Jungle Cock eye feathers
  • Head: Tungsten Cone Head.