Streamer Fishing On Rivers an article by Ceri Thomas

Streamer Fishing On Rivers An article by Ceri Thomas It's well known that anglers in the USA and Europe like to fish streamers. To back this up you will often see trophy shots on Social media, complete with exotically named flies hanging from the hooked jaws of oversized brown trout. Despite the obvious proof that [...]

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Key species on the menu for fish in the Usk and Wye catchments

Key species on the menu for fish in the Usk and Wye catchments An article by Dave Collins The list below is not intended to be comprehensive, and comments made are deliberately brief and for guidance only. Emergence patterns are generalised, can change according to seasonal weather conditions and can be earlier, later or more [...]

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The Quill Bodied CDC Dry fly

The Quill Bodied CDC Dry Fly: Materials: Hook: Partridge SLD fine dry barbless or similar Silk: White uni thread 70 denier or similar Tail: Coq de leon fibres Body: Stripped Peacock tail herls Thorax: Fox squirrel fibres or alternatively hares ear Wing: 4 X CDC Feathers tied back to back.   To view the video [...]

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Operation Alpine Cutthroat Trout

An Article By Alan Parfitt Operation Alpine Cutthroat trout  Date: Summer 2004 Location: Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada Target: Lake of the horns (McPhail lake) We knew it would be quite a challenge to reach the lake, catch a few trout and get back before nightfall. "Lake of the horns" is so called because of the types of [...]

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Fishing Small Streams

Keeping Things Simple (A Guide to Fishing Small Streams) Fly fishing on small streams seems to have risen in popularity over the past few years; small waters which, previously many would have passed without so much as a thought, are now earning a reputation for fantastic and challenging fishing, as well as for their high [...]

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Breaking the Rules – Alan Parfitt

On the whole we are a pretty conservative bunch in the u.k. in terms of the techniques of fly fishing and the patterns of fly we use. The rules laid down by a variety of angling writers is often taken by us lesser mortals as “gospel" and we slavishly follow their advice. This statement I [...]

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