Tying the Quill Bodied Emerger

Tying Materials: Silk: 70 denier uni-nylon coloured white Wing: CDC either natural or dyed (4 feathers) Hook: Partridge Emerger size 16 (or size to suit the hatch) Tail: Coch De Leon Fibres Body: Either natural stripped quill from the eye feather from a peacock or stripped peacock herl. Thorax: Fox squirrel or alternatively hare's ear [...]

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Klinkhammer Tying Video

Hook:             Partridge Klinkhammer code GRS15ST. These have been developed since the original fly was tied and are bigger in size than you think. Size 18 is similar to size 14. You may also use Tiemco TMC 200R's but if you do bend it with flat nosed pliers about 3mm from the eye. Thread:          For [...]

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This is one of those patterns that in my opinion changed the way we think about trout and grayling fishing and gave us the ability to present an emerging fly in such a way that it is presented in the most natural manner similar of any aquatic insect that the fish are likely to see in order to [...]

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