The Clan Chieftain Muddler
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The Clan Chieftain Muddler

The Clan Chieftain Muddler is a fly designed to be fished as a top dropper pattern when fishing lakes, Lochs or the Welsh Llyns for wild brown trout. It creates a disturbance either upon or just under the surface and attracts fish. The video will show the tying technique for Muddler headed flies.


  • Hook – Barbless, size 10 or 12 (this has been tied on a BG-16 size 10)
  • Silk – Semperfly Nano Silk, 12/0 (50D)
  • Tails – Glo-Brite floss numbers 3 and 9, tied over each other.
  • Rib – Small silver oval or silver wire
  • Body – Black dyed seal’s fur or substitute
  • Body Hackle – Black dyed cock saddle feather
  • Head and wing – Spun and trimmed black dyed roe deer belly hair.

The see how to tie this fly simply watch the video below.