The Garry Dog
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The Garry Dog

This fly has been tied specifically to show some of the techniques that can be used to tie in the wing securely following the fly dressing video tutorials.


  • Hook – Ahrex double salmon size 8
  • Silk – Semperfli Nano Silk, white, 12/0 (50D) and Sheer, black, 14/0 for the head.
  • Tai – Golden Pheasant Crest feathers
  • Tag – Oval Silver tinsel
  • Butt – Yellow floss (optional)
  • Rib – Small silver oval tinsel
  • Body – Black floss
  • Hackle – Black hen or Chinese cock cape
  • Beard – Dyed blue Guinea fowl tail feather
  • Under Wing – Red bucktail
  • Over Wing – Yellow bucktail
  • Sides – Orange dyed Mirror flash (optional)

To see how to tie this fly view the video below:

The below image shows the pattern tied with a yellow butt.