Fishing Suspension Lifted – 26th July 2022
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Fishing Suspension Lifted – 26th July 2022

Firstly, on behalf of your Committee, I would like to thank you all for your continued patience and support during these warmer temperatures. These conditions are sadly now becoming the annual ‘norm’.

Over the past week, we have finally experienced a decrease in air temperatures and, as a result, a reduction in water temperatures, generally, back to within the safe range for salmonids. Consequently, we are lifting the fishing suspension, however, there are several caveats we must insist on to ensure our beats continue to function as healthily as possibly.

With temperatures ranging between 17C (upper/Gilwern) and 21C (upper-middle/Chainbridge), and our Wye beats still hovering at 20C and above, we must insist that all members follow the below actions:

  1. All members are to take a temperature reading before fishing any beat. Digital thermometers can be obtained very cheaply via numerous sources, and we ask that all members carry one whilst fishing at all times of the year.
  2. Where water temperatures exceed 18C, fishing is to cease. Due to the time of year, fishing is expected to be least productive during the daytime, with the best (and safest) fishing during the morning and late evening.
  3. Where water temperatures exceed 18C, please report to your Secretary, Gareth Lewis, as we treat these temperatures the same way we do a pollution incident. After all, the impact is the same.
  4. Finally, at all times of the year – keep fish wet, reduce exposure to the air, and refrain from lifting any fish from the water, especially for ‘grip-and-grins’. Excellent guides on catch and release best practices are available via the Wild Trout Trust ( and the Keep Fish Wet initiative (

Note that our Llynfi fishery remains closed to all fishing until further notice following the 2020 fish kill to ensure a) our ongoing monitoring can continue without influence and b) the fishery is left alone to rebuild.

Please also note that, even though we are lifting the suspension, future suspensions may occur and are dependent on the weather conditions in the coming weeks, for which our fantastic team of bailiffs will continue to monitor, data for which will be strengthened by the reports submitted by your own temperature readings.

Again, we would like to thank you for your continued support and for embodying the Gwent Angling Society ethos, Committed to the Environment.

As always, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Best wishes,

Gareth Lewis
Gwent Angling Society