The Comparadun Universal Baetis
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The Comparadun Universal Baetis

This is a general use pattern that imitates Olives and other upwinged flies that hatch on running water. It can be fished as an emerger, as a dun or as a spinner.

This particular tying has been done in the Universal Baetis pattern originated by Hans van Klinken & Leon Links (1997). but can be tied in any format and size you wish to represent other invertebrates.


  • Silk – Semperfli Nano Silk, yellow, 18/0 (30D)
  • Hook – Ahrex FW503 Dry Fly Light, size 16
  • Tail and Wing – Deer hair similar to X Caddis deer hair in the colour to suit the hatch
  • Body – Fly-Rite dubbing in 17 and 42
  • Rib – Pearsall Gossamer silk 6A Orange or similar

To see how to tie this fly watch the video tutorial below: