Czech Nymphing Techniques
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Czech Nymphing Techniques

Many people have tried to fish a short-line technique of one sort or another for grayling and trout. All types of these methods are very effective on their day, none more so than the Czech nymphing technique itself.

To try and explain it and how to go equipped for grayling fishing in late winter we have put this set of videos together to help in perfecting your technique. Remember however that this is not the be-all and end-all of fishing for grayling, but merely an option.

Watch the video below to see the technique.

Please note that Mark explains during the video that he is wearing a life vest under his waders. This has been cause for comment. He isn’t wearing a life preserver at this time but a simple floatation vest that would not expand any further when in contact with the water so there would be no danger of him being squished.