We have put this video together to show how to tie a Scandinavian style Waddington Salmon Fly


Hook:  Waddington Shank (size of choice) with appropriate treble

Silk: 8/0 or 6/0 red

Tag: Gold oval Tinsel

Butt: Red floss

Tail: Red Antron yarn

Rib: Gold oval

Body: in two halves. Rear Gold holo tinsel. Front Red Seals Fur with a mix of flash such as  red and orange lite bright

Body Hackle: Red dyed silver badger palmered down to two turns of ribbing short of the tail.

Wing: Orange dyed temple dog hair or Artic fox under strands of  gold flash material

Under red temple dog hair or artic fox under red dyed shadow fox under three or four strands of peacock herl

under orange dyed temple dog hair or artic fox

Collar Hackle: Red dyed guinea fowl

Cheeks: Jungle fowl (optional)

Head: Red silk varnished.