Scandinavian Style Waddington
Fly Tying

Scandinavian Style Waddington

We have put this video together to show how to tie a Scandinavian style Waddington Salmon Fly.

  • Hook: Waddington Shank (size of choice) with appropriate treble
  • Silk: 8/0 or 6/0 red
  • Tag: Gold oval Tinsel
  • Butt: Red floss
  • Tail: Red Antron yarn
  • Rib: Gold oval
  • Body: in two halves. Rear Gold holo tinsel. Front Red Seals Fur with a mix of flash such as red and orange lite bright
  • Body Hackle: Red dyed silver badger palmered down to two turns of ribbing short of the tail.
  • Wing: Orange dyed temple dog hair or Artic fox under strands of gold flash material
  • Under red temple dog hair or artic fox under red-dyed shadow fox under three or four strands of peacock herl
  • under orange dyed temple dog hair or arctic fox
  • Collar Hackle: Red dyed guinea fowl
  • Cheeks: Jungle fowl (optional)
  • Head: Red silk varnished.