Kyle Shrimp

Hook: Salmon double size 8 Silk: Red Tag: Silver wire or fine silver oval Tail: Strands of orange bucktail, orange twinkle or crystal hair and a Golden pheasant red breast feather over. Butt: Black floss Body in two parts: rear flat copper tinsel, front black floss. Rib: silver oval Mid hackle: Orange cock fibre [...]

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What Size Salmon Fly?

Many people ask me how to choose what size fly to fish in given conditions. This is never an easy question to answer as there are so many variables and to be honest most of it is only learnt by experience. Having made this negative comment I will hopefully raise your spirits by saying that [...]

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Snake Fly

This can be a deadly pattern for seatrout.  It has been tied in many forms from the one I will explain to others that are tied entirely with braid.  It can be used in a number of sizes and is light and therefore easy to cast with a single handed rod. This can be a [...]

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The Usk Grub

This pattern has earned a reputation around the world for its fish taking ability. As I understand it is the first recorded tying of a shrimp pattern and was the basis for the shrimp patterns of Ireland and not the other way round. The dressing is as Follows: Hook: Treble, double or single (your choice- [...]

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