Streamer Fishing On Rivers an article by Ceri Thomas

Streamer Fishing On Rivers An article by Ceri Thomas It's well known that anglers in the USA and Europe like to fish streamers. To back this up you will often see trophy shots on Social media, complete with exotically named flies hanging from the hooked jaws of oversized brown trout. Despite the obvious proof that [...]

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A Trout Fly Fishers Dream

A Trout Fly Fishers Dream Highway to Paradise--- Alberta's Forestry Trunk Road As big as Montana and Wyoming is combined the Canadian province of Alberta can only be classified as huge. A large proportion its vastness is covered with the remote inaccessible northern boreal forests while farther south prairies and parklands make up most of [...]

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Breaking the Rules – Alan Parfitt

On the whole we are a pretty conservative bunch in the u.k. in terms of the techniques of fly fishing and the patterns of fly we use. The rules laid down by a variety of angling writers is often taken by us lesser mortals as “gospel" and we slavishly follow their advice. This statement I [...]

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