Fly Fishing For Mullet In Northern Ireland

An article by Leslie Holmes APGAI Mullet!! Ahh, frustration I hear you say, and on the fly impossible! Bread flake and maggot patterns it has to be; definitely not!!!I live on the North Coast of Northern Ireland where the River Bann (renowned for its Salmon beats such as Carnroe & Movanagher ) flows to the sea at [...]

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Fly fishing For Trout and Char in Iceland

This is an opportunity to fish several spectacular lakes in the low moorlands of southern Iceland for wild brown trout and arctic char.   FLY-FISHING FOR ARCTIC CHAR AND BROWN TROUT IN ICELAND This is an opportunity to fish several spectacular lakes in the low moorlands of southern Iceland for wild brown trout and arctic [...]

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Sea Trout Fishing in The Orkneys

Scenery, Solitude and Sewin - The perfect fishing trip. A few of us spent three weeks in the Orkney Islands (Scotland) and experienced fly fishing and spinning for Sea Trout in the crystal clear blue sea. From our time there we managed to pull together a video. See what you think! Video shown below  [...]

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The Gaula, Norway . A Salmon River Adventure

The Gaula , Norway A salmon River Adventure. An Article by Richard Stevenson The river Gaula is a fast flowing , large river , based some 60 kilometres south of Trondheim in Norway and it winds its way through some of the most fantastic countryside I have seen and provides the angler with the chance [...]

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Community Against Drugs Team get the Fishing Bug

One of the great pleasures in life is being able to give something back to those that have helped you in the past. Well this is one of those occasions. For those of you that do not realise many of the improvements and regular repairs made to the bank at both Llan Farm and Ty [...]

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Fishing so good the fish bite back!

Saltwater fly fishing whether it be for Bass off the coast of  Donnegal or Marlin in the Indian Ocean is as vastly different from freshwater fishing as cane rods are from the modern high tech Carbon Graphite rods of today.  The surge and power of salt-water species can give the unaccustomed a hedonistic taste for [...]

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Rod Building Video (Danny North’s Master Class)

Part 2 How to make the whippings and how to secure the eyes. The third and final part of building a rod. Appling the epoxy varnish to the whippings. Below is a step by step explanation of building a rod. Step by Step Guide to Rod Building 1. Fitting handle and Reel Seat. Build up [...]

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Fly Tying Demo Night March 2007

The night was arranged to finish off the winter tying season and to raise funds for the Society's continuing commitment in introducing children into both Fly fishing and Fly Tying. There are a number of video sequences below which relate to some of the flies and the individual tiers that were demonstrating that night. Gwilym [...]

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