Teal Blue and Silver

  Teal Blue and Silver Hooks: Down eyed wetfly sizes 6,8,10.12 Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippet Body: Flat Silver tinsel Rib: Fine round Silver tinsel or wire Hackle: Teal Blue hen hackle. Wing: Well marked Teal Head: Black tying silk and clear varnish Notes The quintessential seatrout pattern! The original pattern called for married goose slips [...]

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Colours For Sea Trout Flies

An Article by Alun Rees The Blue Crystal Have you ever wondered why blue is such a successful colour when used in Sewin flies? I'm sure you haven't thought about it that much. After all, what trout flies contain blue materials in their makeup? There's the Blue Zulu, the Teal Blue and Silver and...............???   [...]

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