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Silver Wilkinson (Hair Wing) - Gwent Angling Society

Silver Wilkinson (Hair Wing)

This is a video description of a salmon fly pattern, Silver Wilkinson (Hair wing).

Tying Materials:

Hook: double or single of your choice. (In the video I have used a Ken Sawada double size 10)

Silk: Flou Red 8/0 Wisp

Tag: Silver oval and red silk (as tying silk).

Tail: GP Pheasant Crest or fibres of dyed yellow squirrel tail.

Body: Silver tinsel (doubled to add weight)

Rib: Silver Oval tinsel

Hackle: Tied in as a collar or beard: Light blue under Gallina (Guinea fowl)

Wing: Yellow squirrel tail under blue squirrel tail under brown squirrel tail.

Cheeks: Jungle cock (Optional)

Head: Red as the tying silk.

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About the Author:

I am the Secretary of the Gwent Angling Society and also an Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor in Fly Dressing, single handed and double handed fishing. My aim is to share the knowledge I have in order to enhance your fishing experience

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