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    Lindsay Reynolds ‘Tranche Two’ Tackle for Sale

    As you may know before he sadly passed away in February Lins let it be known that he wanted his fishing kit to be sold and the proceeds given to his grandson to help him through his University course. This is the second list of mainly Salmon kit but with the odd trout rod and reel. More Trout rods and reels and the Fly tying kit lists will follow in due course. As before if you would like to buy something on this list please ring me (0797 000 4269) and I can let you know all the details, if it is still available and how to pay. Many of us knew Lindsay well, a fine gentleman and fisherman. With kind regards, Cledwyn
    Item Description
    Loop ‘Grey Line’ 14ft #9 4 piece with an unused spare tip (relisted)

    Sage Graphite4 15ft 1ins #10 4piece

    Sage Graphite3 15ft #10/11 4 piece

    G Loomis GL3 7ft Spinning rod

    Diawa Alltmore -S 15ft #11 4 piece With original two tips

    Hardy ‘Elite’ Salmon Fly rod 13ft 4ins rare special order English made rod

    Orvis Graphite 13ft 6ins #10 3 piece Orvis Trident 12ft 6ins #8 3 piece

    Sage XP 796-4 Graphite IIIe B Single handed rod (9’-6” #7)

    Sage Graphite II 9ft #5 trout rod
    Greys GS 10ft #8
    Sonik sk4 8ft Travel Spin rod 10g – 20g


    Hardy Ultralite Disc #5 Limited Edition Serial Number 294

    Hardy Marquis multiplier #8/9 Orvis Spey Reel Disc Drag Scientific Anglers 12/13 Disc Drag

    Shakespeare Beaulite #9/10

    Shakespeare Worcestershire Fly
    Model 2629 Multiplier. Comes with bonus Shakespeare Condex salmon reel!

    Magnum 200D Disc drag Magnum 140D & spare spool

    Garcia Mitchell 710 Auto fly reel For #4 – #5 – #6 lines
    Condition Price

    Good used condition £100 no faults or marks

    V Good condition £150 Good Used condition £120 V good condition £75 Pristine as new £150

    Pristine as new £250

    Good used condition £75

    V Good condition £95

    Fair used condition £65 marked (minor scratches)

    V Good used condition £75 Pristine as new £65 V Good condition £45

    Used with some marks £80

    Used with some marks £100

    Pristine as new £80

    Reel in good condition £50 Modified reel foot

    Good used condition £30 Good used condition £40 Fair used condition
    Used condition £25 Good used condition £25 V good used condition £30

    mmMark Roberts
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    Update from Rural Crime Team on what’s Local

    For those of you travelling locally to fish I have just received this from the Rural crime Team , Gwent Police to help those of you that want clarification as to what local means.

    Following discussions with NRW I can now confirm the following.
    **Angling is allowed as part of your daily exercise – this is agreed by both NRW and Welsh Govt.
    **(From the Welsh Govt website on daily exercise) “regulations state that this should be done locally which means people cannot drive to exercise outside their local area” These guidelines are set by the Welsh Govt for everyone in Wales to follow, including NRW, this has been confirmed as being the guidelines that NRW follow.
    **The request is for people to “exercise good judgement” – so if your fishing venue/club is outside of your local area for the purposes of exercising, you cannot go there – you could not drive from Monmouth to Porthcawl to run on the beach for your exercise, therefore you cannot do it to fish.
    **specifically in relation to driving, the guidelines say “In general, exercise should not involve people driving away from home…no journeys outside your local area should be taken to exercise in the countryside…(etc)” It also states “People should not travel a significant distance from their home to exercise” and they say they have deliberately not defined this more precisely.
    It is quite confusing but essentially the guidelines DO NOT say that you cannot drive to your local fishing venue – emphasis on the local. So even if your fishing venue has now opened, if you have to travel a “significant” distance to get to it, then that is not allowed.
    If you have any questions, please contact NRW/Welsh Govt.
    If you wish to fish, but are not sure if the distance being travelled is “significant” or “outside (your) local area”, please contact NRW/Welsh Govt.
    I hope this has helped…
    Cofion gorau | Kind regards
    Louise Thorpe

    mmMark Roberts
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    Just a brief note to thank all those of you that attended the Open Day and enjoyed the hog roast.

    The event appears to have been a great success and a credit to the club. We fed over 140 visitors.

    These events can only happen with the support of members and those guides/coaches that do so much for the club for no reward other than the satisfaction of seeing the smiles of those kids and adults alike that enjoyed their help.

    Thanks to all involved

    mmMark Roberts
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    in reply to: Pen Y Worllod #21742

    The lane is now open again and you can happily get access


    mmMark Roberts
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    contact Lee Davies the bailiff and I am sure he will be happy to show you. You have been sent all the contact numbers for the bailiffs

    mmMark Roberts
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    in reply to: River Arfon ? #21735

    It may have been the River Irthon which was part of the Groe Park exchange ticket but that is no longer in force

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