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    I fished the beat today and it was a strange start in that I missed the first 4 fish on a grannom emerger only to find out when i checked the hook that it had broken at the bend. We live and learn i should have checked it after the first fish.

    Today was the first real hatch i have seen of grannom as they were coming off in their thousands. Fish were moving but it was really hard to hit them. In frustration I continued with both pupa a adult and managed to take some 4 fish but I knew I should be hitting more.

    i changed tactics completely and put on an old favourite olive pattern and took 6 fish in 6 casts.
    Following a cuppa I took another 6 fish with the same pattern

    A better end to the day than the start

    Nothing really big but it was brilliant to see so many fish moving at last

    mmMark Roberts
    Post count: 841

    From Jaygee

    Fished Ty Mawr around lunch time on Saturday, some good flurries of grannom about, though I suspect I missed the hatch proper. I did find a pod of fish rising regularly and managed to winkle out three of them, rose a few more but didn’t even touch them???? The best of them is pictured, around 2lb, not the best of poses I’m always in a hurry when I’m returning fish. The fly? One of Dave Collins grannom emergers that I ”acquired” off Chris Price a few days previous.Thanks Chris :wink: thanks Dave :wink: .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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