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    After a few hours at Wyastone leys I shot down late morning to try and open my trout account. It was a beautiful sunny day on arrival but did not stay that way for long. Within the hour it had clouded up with that awful cold wind again which rotated between downstream, upstream and in your face.
    A few LDO’s by around 11.30 but not much fish interest in them. Around 12.30 some MB’s started to show and the odd fish began to rise mainly in the fast shallow water as you would expect. Fly came and went sporadically and the wind blew them off quickly but using a #12 MB pattern I got my first at 30cm. It had the marks of a predatory bird on its flank but was ok.
    Sitting on the bench in the Canoe I saw a fish rise below me so nipped down and got it and one more above it, like peas in a pod at 30cm. Sorry to say that I was broken low down by a really good fish. Must be ring rusty as I put it down to my fault entirely.
    Great to be out again but wouldn’t it be nice to have some settled weather.
    Tight lines

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    Had a go for a couple of hours today,but failed to connect with anything. On the way back down the track I stopped for a chat with an old chap who said he has fished the beat below for years. Although he doesn’t fish for Salmon, he said he spins for trout, and does very well taking them to 2lb. Apparently there is a monster that has been caught twice recently and is thought to be a rogue rainbow with estimates in the region of 14-20lb. Fisherman’s tales hey!. Anyway, he knows where it lies, and is having it for tea.
    Also, for the bird watchers among you he has seen a pair of Ospreys migrating through,and, wait for it, a Golden Eagle. Hope that’s not on the menu.


    This is on the Wye, not Ty Mawr.

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