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  • dave collins
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    Went to Ty Mawr from 9.30 until 5 p.m. today. River very clear and getting lower, with <6″ on the Brecon guage. Water still cold for this time of year though at 11-12 degrees. Bright but not too warm all day with a pesky up-streamer most of the day. Few rising fish and little fly. Picked up a couple of intermittently rising fish on the glide below the Canoe early on on a small HvK Blackhamer, which took and jagged a couple of fish further up later as well. Had a couple during a very short flurry of rises around 1 p.m. on a size 18 HE parachute when I saw a few small olives. Saw plenty of black gnats, some sedges, two YMDs, one LBD and about five OUs. Meagre fare for this time of year for sure. Not much evidence of mini-caddis today through billions of houses on the stones, all of which I inspected were fully occupied! It just hasn’t happened yet. Decided to go prospecting below riffles with an OUDD, which rose two and had one fish just under 1.75lb. Very tough! Please God, let the water warm up!

    mark waters
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    Its been the same at the Llan. Very cold water and little fly life on top. A few yellow may duns showing and some sparse hatches of grannom. Had five decent fish last week in a 20 minute rise to ymds in mid afternoon but then totally dead for rest of day. Still dead on following two days.
    Mark Waters

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    Went to the open day. Have to say a huge thank you to all involved in making it so enjoyable.

    The casting instruction was too class. As self taught over too many yesye I wish I had had this years ago.

    Demonstrations were well worth seeing. For me stand outside were nymph fishing and entomology. Both guys were top class and I learned a huge amount. All the others were excellent, but these met my needs. Would love more of the same.


    Thanks to all those who made it such a brilliant day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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