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    I spent a few hours between 11 and 2.30 p.m. today down at Ty Mawr.


    The water was clear and pushing through, with 1’ 2” on the Brecon guage and 1.18m at Llanfoist. Snow-melt is still coming into the river everywhere, with a small rise over the last couple of days both on the Usk and on the Grwynne Fawr, in spite of there being no rain.  The water was cold at <6 degrees, as one would expect, but not so cold that fish weren’t active.   Today the air was 10 degrees at arrival but it felt cold in the wind, and then got a bit breezier later on and had dropped to 6 degrees by 2.30p.m.  Neither the trout nor the LDOs approved of that – but in a lull between 1 and 1.30 p.m. there was a good 30 minutes’ hatch of flurrying LDOs and a few fish rose.  I saw four, rose and missed one, then hooked another which took me across the river and emerged, substantial, irate and a foot or so out of the water, at which point it pushed the long-distance release button!  The other two came to hand – neither substantial, of just 10-12” and both rather skinny – but they helped to make my day.  All on a size 16 dark olive Duck’s Dun.  I had dropped another reasonable fish on the third cast of the season, whilst nymphing for the first hour or so, so the hatch proved to be a timely arrival.  All in all, a pleasing first day out on the river!  I also saw one, just one, March Brown.  More to come for sure as the tide goes out, and as temperatures rise.  Be prepared with the other rod already set up with your favourite MB pattern on it – those MB rises are infuriatingly short-lived!

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