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  • kwhite
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    Hi. Just starting out tying and wondered if someone could explain the differences between all the threads. I want to have a go at Gwilyms olive which is on the site, but it talks about a multi thread silk. Are all sheer threads multi threaded? I’ve got some pearsalls, but not sure about the size. Would they do?


    mmMark Roberts
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    Hi Keith

    the multi stranded silks allow you to unravel the silk so that it lies flat on the hook shank.
    Other silks are twisted and may also be pre-waxed which simply means that they are wound on the spool and are waxed at the time of winding.
    Gwilyms Olive uses the 70 denier Hopper Yellow silk by uni thread and the colour is specific to the pattern as it is then darkened with cobblers wax (if you can get it) if not use a dark coloured wax.

    There are a mine field of silks and tying threads out there and I personally use sheer 14/0 in white and dye the silk with a dye pen. You just either have to follow the pattern strictly to its dressing or change what ever you want to create a variant. Don’t let the fly Police get you though :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Well after two years of struggling with thread and feather, I have just about managed a couple of park shrimp variants using 8/0 Uni-thread.

    Mind you I did break it a couple of times whilst tying but carried on with the flies, the thread was well waxed so managed to keep the tying going.

    Lets put it this way, they won’t fall apart too soon in use, unless that big one with my name on it comes along next season. So if anybody sees one with “for Cap” stamped on it’s flanks please let it run through to my offerings.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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