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    Liam Walsh said ‘Get the streamers on’ and I see Lee Evans was using them back in March.
    I’ve only ever really fished dry flies and the occasional bit of upstream nymphing. Wet fly fishing limited to just down and across as a time filler.
    As for streamers or any lures they were pretty much frowned upon when I was young but after watching a couple of videos on Youtube I bought 2 just to try.
    Last week I popped one on and fished for an hour or so at PyW and surprise surprise nothing. Not really a surprise given my lack of experience.

    So I was wondering when would be the best time of day/conditions to use a streamer?

    Is one method better than another ie upstream, up across and down?

    Floating line or not?

    Jigging the line or stripping?

    How productive is the method ie would you expect at least one take a day or more or less.

    Any advice gratefully received.
    Hopefully this thread will also prove useful to other so I’ll copy it to the forum. Pls contribute if you can.

    Reply from Ceril Vaughan Thomas
    All depends on conditions, they tend to work better in high flows or low light i.e very late evenings. However you do get the odd day where for some reason the trout will nail them with abandon, so they are worth trying when all else fails. Personally I like the cast up and across tight to any cover on deeper still pools, as soon as it hits the water and sinks for a few seconds give it a twitch. Expect a hit at this point…. Then dead drift as you would a nymph with the odd sharp strip. At the end of retrieve don’t forget to hang! I use a floater and the fly tends to be something like a woolly bugger or sculpin with a 3.5 mm tungsten head to get it down. These can also be fished on a french leader if fishing fast water. Here’s an example of how they can save your day – Last year had a tough midsummer day on Taff, I really struggled, with the fish seemingly in lethargic summer mode and not interested in anything. Tied on the streamer, made a ‘last cast’ in a deep pool I had already fished…. .bang, first cast a 16 inch brown. 6 fish later and a load more missed it turned out to be a good day – saved by the streamer. Good luck, Ceri.

    Gareth Webster replied:
    Thanks Ceril Vaughan Thomas. Just thought of another question. Breaking strain of line to use. The strongest I have at the moment is 5lb is this ok or am I asking for trouble?

    Ceril Vaughan Thomas replied:
    Hi, 5lb is fine. I sometimes use 6lb fluorocarbon for the very biggest flies. Don’t go any lower or use ultra thin diameter stuff or the risk of a break off gets higher, especially as you need to get the fly tight onto snags and rocks for best success. This sounds heavy duty but the fish wont be leader shy, idea is to provoke a ‘fight or flight’ response – they will either nail it or bugger off quickly, they wont have time to look at the leader closely. Ceri.

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    My best bag of trout ever on club beats was on PyW while salmon fishing after a spate. I had about 8 fish on a large hair winged salmon fly then changed to a very large collie dog type fly and kept catching trout, including a couple pushing 3 pounds. Standard across and down salmon tactics. In both cases the fly had a long black wing like a streamer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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