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  • andyp
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    Mark you asked for some suggestions for next year.  We had a think driving home and here are two:

    1) tackle / kit bring and buy.  Like at the BFFI charge a small non refundable handling fee. Or kit can be donated with all profit to the club.

    2) invite scout / guides or other youth movement to provide tea / coffee.  They often already have all the suitable gear like propane gas water boilers.  They keep any money they make, we get tea / coffee and also an indirect hook / link to introduce some youths to fishing potentially.

    rgds Andy & Mrs P




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    spent a great day on Saturday at the skills day.I am not a member of the gwent society,and this was my first visit,the day was very well organised and the work shops were incredibly useful with the instructors being first class. The classes were also spread out through out the day ,so you did not miss out on any instruction,and the day was filled out from start to finish.Added to this there was great refreshments and a very friendly atmosphere,with the members being very helpful.

    thanks for a great day

    best regards

    Jon Powell

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    Hi there, just to reiterate probably what others have been saying about the Skills day, we are so lucky to have such a well run club with some very talented fishermen who give their time and expertise to help others become better anglers The food was first class, alas I had to work that night so the reasonably priced Stowford Press was left un-molested, next year I am going to book the day off :).  I am reasonably capable at the tying vice (you can’t be pals with Paul Slaney for 25 years without some of his magic rubbing off) so did not look in at the fly tying tables, maybe the workshop instructors could give the tiers a list of patterns that they were demonstrating so that you could see them being made as well as being fished. So looking forward to 2019.

    Justin Goodbody
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    Agree with comments on the Skills Day, and I’d like to add my grateful thanks for all the organisers and instructors hard work! Great job!

    I like Andy’s coffee/tea and tackle bring and buy ideas, but overall I think the field casting and river ‘stands’ worked really well. As you know I’m brand new to salmon fishing so on that side it’s all new but equally I learned masses on the trout fishing side to challenge some ‘set in my ways’ thinking!!

    Regarding other potential ideas  I wonder whether a stand on relevant environment issues would be well received? Invasive species/plants, or riverside flora and fauna mammals/birds, or river/fish related habitat management speaker….

    Anyhow, as I say a super day and all credit to you and the home team for laying it on – thanks.




    John Arrowsmith
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    I thought it was a great day and well worth the effort put in by everyone


    Keep the instruction on the river (fishing and entomology). I like the other suggestions including  the bring and buy idea.

    Get local AM reps or others of influence (WUF) to attend again.

    Reach out to other clubs to share in the day ( need to discuss how and what is shared).

    Should we have a children / young adult instruction on the river

    Possibly a ladies only session for beginners

    More affordable tackle dealers (Gary Evans / ??) who can offer a discount on the day

    Start early on the advertising campaign

    Use the success of this year to get sponsorship from tackle dealers and brands.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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