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    Not posted in a month or so, got used to FB section but thought it nice to keep this thread running.

    I’ve fished Llan farm mainly and also Ty Mawr and the Sirhowy once.
    As normal for me Llan farm has been hard work, fish only really moving from late evening so a telling off from the wife when I walk I’m at 10:30 :mrgreen:

    Anyway some pics for you all.
    3 landed on this evening.

    Another three and one lost when switched to the klink and dink.
    I seen the take but for some reason my mind didn’t register.

    Next was a hard evening again on Llan farm.
    I put everything on the water and managed to work out the fly they wanted about 10:15pm and it was dark.
    This was the fly

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    Last bit.
    Last Saturday I fished the Sirhowy and also the Usk (Ty Mawr) in the evening.

    Landed several on the Sirhowy and missed a good few as well. Water was very low and clear. It was great thought watching a fish. Come up slowly to your fly and take it or turn away :)

    Got four on the Usk in the evening. Big hatch started at 9:15 ish and lasted till 10pm

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    Not been out for 4 or 5 weeks with holidays and work
    Fished Pen-Y-Worlodd this pm.
    Got to the river about 16:30 ish and with the Usk
    Being the Usk it was way to early for the fish.
    Had a walk around to find my feet and ended up catching my
    First about 8:30 ish which unhooked itself on the net and then the water came alive for last light :)
    For 40 minutes I landed 5 in total and missed out on 2 or 3 more. Held my nerve on one fish when I seem the fish come to the fly and float with it for a second or two and then he took it :)
    Will upload a pic tomorrow :)

Viewing 3 posts - 37 through 39 (of 39 total)
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