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    Went up Ty Mawr this evening.
    Got to river and the wind was cutting downstream badly.
    God it was cold. Went back to the car for more clothes!!

    Very little fly life and only about 5 fish seen all evening. Klink and Dink time and the nymph got me three fish from three takes.

    British weather at its best. It was lovely on Tuesday :shock:

    Second fish returned. I watched him for a bit and was lucky to get it on camera. Short video clip as well :wink:

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    Few hours out in between work.
    Fished Llan farm, mixed feelings really. Lost the fly on my first fish, sapped clean off.
    Second fish was a lump. After a good few minutes of trying to land him and being in the middle of some rocks I just couldn’t get him in the net. Paranoid I would snap the rod tip I tried by hand to get the leader and the git slipped the hook.
    Third fish I struck to early.

    Called by work at this stage and had to leave about 5pm so missed the evening which I was gutted by.

    This river kills me :shock:

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    Well got the MOT done for the car so the afternoon was free.
    It was either the Usk or over to the Sirhowy but went for the Usk (Ty Mawr)

    Water was running a little fast and held colour.
    It was raining on and off but I was here so thought I’d make the most of it.
    Wind was behind me so made my way to a spot which shelters well and had a cup of coffee and watched.
    No movement on top so opted for the Klink and Dink.

    2 or 3 casts in and the klink went under. Great fish and hell of a fighter.
    Landed 6 at this stage of the day and it was 5 to the klink and 1 to the dry.

    Made my way upstream and went into one of the slower runs. Started to see a few Yellow May’s but nothing crazy.
    Switched to Dry fly only and put on a Double Badger which I received this week and bang. Fish On!!
    Out of the blue a hatch of Hawtgorn and Gnats came off and they were everywhere.

    Over all landed 5 fish on the dry giving a total of 11 and lost 3 on top of this.
    I didn’t really notice the water colour until I got out for a cuppa and noticed the river was chocolate brown. Might have had rain up Brecon way maybe? Left at 6pm.

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    Just my update for the weekend.
    Went down to Llan farm after work on Friday.
    Walked down the banking to the slower water by the fern and within minutes landed my first fish :)
    Moved towards the faster water and took another 7 within 90 minutes and lost another 2.

    Nice chat and a cuppa with fellow club members and I came across a small frog :)

    Overall nice evening out

    Quick note. Check out the last fish, stump for a fin. Stocked fish from another best maybe?

    mmMark Roberts
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    Hi Alex
    looks like a stocky to me. Wild Usk trout have an almost vermillion metallic sheen to their cheeks.

    Trout are stocked by a few town councils on the river.
    best wishes

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    Few hours out Monday evening.
    To be fair I was to early at 5:20 pm as it didn’t really happen till 8 pm onwards.
    Couldn’t put my finger on what they wanted. I was thinking emergers as I tried everything else.
    Got 1 to the net and lost two

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 39 total)
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