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  • kenzler
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    Evening all.
    Well what a day, cold would not be enough :shock:

    I was going to help out today clearing the river etc but it was called off.
    However cold it was I wasn’t going to sit around the house so checked river levels and was surprised how fast the Sirhowy drops.
    Decided to give it a try and took the nymphing gear with me because I didn’t think I would see much dry action.

    Dropped on to the bank and it was white with Ice. Must admit it looked lovely.
    I didn’t expect much if im honest but wanted to explore a little further upstream.

    Moving upstream I worked my way through the faster runs. Not deep or fast enough elsewhere.
    The wind was cutting through the valley down stream which pushed my indicator into a bow shape so had to time everything right.

    To sum it up it was a hard days fishing but so glad I went out. Everything froze from the rod tip down to the reel, my waders looked like snow lol
    Landed two lovely trout, biggest ever on this river, it fought like a tank :mrgreen:
    enjoy the pics all.

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    Well done! You are a braver man than me!

    jay gee
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    Me? I sat in all day tying some flies and dreaming of some nicer weather. Bigsweir today, but washed off,again!

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    Cheers both :)
    It was as cold as December in the Rhymney but worth it :)
    Bad news on Bigsweir mate :(
    I need to make the most nymphing as I’m all over the place with the Dryfly :?
    I will crack it this summer though :mrgreen:

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    Last week I took a look at beat 4 which had some promise but it wasn’t for me if I’m honest.
    Today I went back to beat 3 (half way start point) and found fly life was good at 3:30 pm. Funny though as no surface activity so opted for the French leader.
    Managed two fish. Lost the one at the net but he was very small and managed this stunner :)

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    Fished Ty Mawr just after mid day.
    Busy place but expected with such nice weather :)
    I’m terrible with names, Im sorry to those I met and thank you to the man who gifted me a fly :mrgreen:
    I will get the names sorted soon I promise :)
    No luck for me but other were lucky to catch.
    Fish were taking off the top or what I thought was just under but I tried 4 different flies with out any luck.
    Frustrated more than gutted I think.
    I did have a great chat with a gent who recommend a few things regarding Tippet length etc so I have something new to try next time.
    For me I need to learn what type of fly is coming off etc as I didn’t have a clue apart from what I thought was a LDO.
    Any advice taken please :) I’m only in season two and pretty new to the dry fly so I’m hoping to get plenty of practice this season.
    These are what I tried

Viewing 6 posts - 7 through 12 (of 39 total)
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