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  • kenzler
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    Popped to the river for the first time and it was great fun :)
    Spent about 1 1/2 hours working upstream finding my feet and bagged 4 nice trout to start off the season.
    Some lovely pocket water but would recommend a JHook as the river bed is rocky.

    Will update as the season goes on.
    Some River shots.

    Biggest of the day

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    Forgot to add
    I used a French nymphing rig as i didn’t think I would have much luck with a dry but was surprised with the fly life.
    Will try a duo next time and try that.
    You wouldn’t need much outside the rod tip if I’m honest

    These were the flies I used.
    1 to the woven and 3 to the smaller JHook which was the dropper.

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    Afternoon all.
    Had a hour out on the Sirhowy River again.
    Went down stream this time and worked my way back up.
    It splits and joins back up so many times in this spot so you get fast little runs all over the place.
    It rained all night so the river was running fast but you could wade ok.
    Water was tea colour I suppose.

    I caught one trout in a little break off stream, it was easier water fornthe fish from the main river.
    Just after this it started to hale, I snagged the bottom and before I knew it I lost my dropper nymph to the trees lol

    Cup of coffee time and made a note of some cracking deep pools for the summer dries :)

    Enjoy all and thanks for reading.

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    Popped onto the Usk today and blanked if I’m honest.
    God it was cold today, didn’t see a fish rise till 2pm and I was leaving soon after.
    Must admit I struggled. New world to me is the Usk. Plenty of dry fly practice needed :mrgreen:

    Just to add a pic this is the setup I went out with today

    Loop yellow line 5-6 Weight
    Danielson Dryfly reel
    Rio Gold 5#
    I used a Airflo Polyleader Light Trout 5′ Length and Rio Tippet.

    I deffo need to work on reducing drag so YouTube time and lesson when the weather turns for the better.
    Any advice would be great.


    mmMark Roberts
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    Hi Alex
    here are two articles that I have done recently for Hardy Greys which should help you

    http://fly.hardyfishing.com/en-gb/ezine … oberts.php

    http://fly.hardyfishing.com/en-gb/ezine … oberts.php

    there are another 4 to come
    hope this helps


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    Thanks Mark
    Will read through later on :)
    I can see angalfmday lesson on the cards in a month or two lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 39 total)
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