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    I just read Alan Parfitt’s article on fishing remote upland waters in the Brecons and loved it. It’s been a great help. My friend and I are constantly on the search for authentic fishing in beautiful places. We strive to escape the rest of humanity and ideally the waters frequented by other anglers. We fish strictly catch and release and use barbless hooks and silicone nets exclusively. We regularly fish the Usk through the WUF and have often planned to hike to and fish some of the remote Llyns of the Brecons and would love to get advice on some worth visiting. Our principle criteria are that it be remote, ideally involving a hike. And abundant with beautiful wild brownies! Any advice you can offer will be hugely appreciated.
    Many thanks,

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    Hi Jonathan

    Sound like you’ve just discribed a fishermans heaven except for the hike. :lol:
    Will be intesting to hear the replies.

    mark waters
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    Remote Lakes are all very well but may not hold the head of brown trout expected. Locals are aware and get most of them.You can not get more remote than the Usk resev, above Trecastle on the WFU list especially if you hike to the far end of the water near the Carmarthen Border. Well stocked with rainbows and browns and no one to bother you.

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    Are there not roads etc going to the Usk RSV? That article I mentioned suggested there are some Llyns with good size and numbers of trout. Do you think that’s misleading in reality?

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    I am the one who wrote the article you mentioned.
    Please give me couple of days as I am very busy at the moment.
    I will then try to give you some information to help in your quest.

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