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    Cheers G.

    You’re right on the falling in (though I thought the lady said her bouyancy aid wasn’t actually any help?) – I’ve been cautious wading at Llan as the water does feel quite powerful and it wouldn’t take much to slip.

    Yeah, when we did the nymphing on the 1 day course, someone said it was just like trotting maggots. I’ve not yet looked into French or Czech styles – is French the one for slightly further distances? I didn’t find the casting technique too hard – kind of just a swing it up and keep control on the way down by moving the rod. The bungs I mention are just the little hi-viz floats what you put on on a little bit of rubber [oh, maybe I actually mean ‘strike indicator’ not bung.. but sure that’s what the welsh team guy referred to it as..] – it just means you don’t have to keep quite so in-touch with control of the line, though the long-leader/indicator is probably more sensitive. Anyways, I’m sure I’ll get on to trying once I’ve had a bit more dry-fly experimentation and as I say, the 10ft 3wt seems to work ok for me for dries at the moment..

    Thanks for the fly links – I do get slightly tempted to buy some sometimes.. though actually was thinking sometimes of http://barbless-flies.co.uk/ – saves me forgetting to flatten the barbs and they seem like nice selections [though I can probably manage many of the designs].
    I liked the simple approach of the fly Lee Evans posted on Facebook – I’m tending to feel the stick with just a few patterns approach.

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    Its not so much falling in that worries me it tripping over while I’m wading. There seems to be a lot bigger stones at Ty Mawr than lower down the river. Once you get used to/remember to feeling your way with your toe its not so bad but I’ve had quite a few You’ve Been Framed moments already ths year. lol

    My leash is sort enough at the best of times so carry a phone while fishing is just not on.
    I have a feeling my new rod will probably get used for dry as well as nymphing! If only because i cannot be bother to carry 2 of them.

    As for pattern choice Mrs William hit on the head when she said you only need 3 flies on the Usk to catch fish: Greenwell, Pheasant Tail and GRHE. I think I have 4 or 5 boxes of various flies but unless there is something obvious on the water its one of the above or even all 3 that end up one my line.

    Thanks for the link I’d not come across that site previously.

Viewing 2 posts - 7 through 8 (of 8 total)
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