2019 Casting and Fishing Skills Clinic

We intend to start our Casting and Fishing Skills clinic for 2019. We intend to run the event each fortnight on a Sunday morning between 10am and 12 noon at Ty Mawr near Gilwern starting on Sunday 3rd March 2019 (opening Day). The event is free to all children under 18 years of age and [...]

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An update on the Doethie in-river sand liming and Leader + forestry gully liming Pilot Project

Taken from: http://westwalesriverstrust.org/an-update-on-the-doethie-in-river-sand-liming-and-leader-forestry-gully-liming-pilot-project/ September 2018 Summary This paper is an update on a project designed to assess the benefits of adding crushed limestone to ameliorate the effects of episodic acidification, exacerbated by historic conifer forest, on the Doethie tributary of the upper river Tywi in Carmarthenshire. This liming programme began in 2010 with the annual [...]

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Casting Clinic 2017

  Casting Clinic and fishing skills events 2017 will commence on Sunday 23rd April 2017 and every two weeks on each Sunday morning at Ty Mawr between 10am and 12 noon . The event is open to anyone whether a member or otherwise and will include instruction from qualified instructors in both single and double handed fishing. The [...]

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