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Visit To Cynrig Hatchery

Cynrig Hatchery and Fish Culture in the Environment Agency Wales  An Article by Dr John Taylor. The Environment Agency has a statutory duty to maintain, develop and improve fisheries.  This duty encompasses a wide range of activities including fish stock monitoring, research and development, habitat improvement, fisheries enforcement and general fisheries management, including fish stocking. The majority [...]

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Venezualan Tarpon

        Close your eyes and imagine - You wake up at half five and it's raining hard with strong winds blowing all around.   The sea looks very angry.  What do you do?  That's right, you head straight back to bed until about 11am if you have any sence at all.  Now all the [...]

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Return To The Tweed

        I returned to the Tweed, one bright summer’s day,‘Twas in August this time and not in May.The magic was there and so were the fishAnd my longing to fulfil a really great wish - Of catching a salmon, a grilse would do,Fresh run, lice covered, silver and blue.We fished the Wheal Pool [...]

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Tweed Magic

An article by Sally Pizii Salmon and Trout Association Level II  Coach co-ordinator.                                                            It was a chance of a lifetime, a days fishing for the king of all fish, the salmon, on the Tweed. I had spent the previous day having a conducted tour of the Tweed's well known waters, Floors, Wellington, Tweed Mill, [...]

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