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Fly Tying Demo Night March 2007

The night was arranged to finish off the winter tying season and to raise funds for the Society's continuing commitment in introducing children into both Fly fishing and Fly Tying. There are a number of video sequences below which relate to some of the flies and the individual tiers that were demonstrating that night. Gwilym [...]

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This is Why I Came to Rutland

  Article by Rob Waddington. 12 Years ago, I lived in Yorkshire and was happy fishing the Wharfe, the Ure, and many other North Country rivers for brown trout. I was then offered a job in Rutland, 100  miles down the A1. I’ve fished there with Colin, my ‘southern mate’ I thought, and I remembered [...]

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Hooked on Bats

  Hooking bats! – How anglers are helping conservationists Richard Dodd – Welsh Bat Officer (Bat Conservation Trust)rdodd@bats.org.uk Tel: 029 2036 2531 So, there you are at the beginning of the season. Putting on your first team of flies and practising your casting techniques, when no sooner as you cast out, you get a take.  All [...]

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Colours For Sea Trout Flies

An Article by Alun Rees The Blue Crystal Have you ever wondered why blue is such a successful colour when used in Sewin flies? I’m sure you haven’t thought about it that much. After all, what trout flies contain blue materials in their makeup? There’s the Blue Zulu, the Teal Blue and Silver and...............??? When [...]

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Know Your Game Fish

An article by Alan Parfitt   They say you should never apologise but as a philosophical anarchist I have the licence to do what ever I like.  With that in mind I will start by explaining that although I am trained in “Scientific” things I will apologise for the non scientific idiosyncratic approach to this [...]

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Frazer River System Salmon Spectacular

An Article by Malcolm Parry  What would you consider to be a good run of salmon on return to the river of their birth? Would it be 5,000,10,000,  maybe 50,000?  How about 50 million, no that’s not a misprint,but is the average return for the Frazer river sytem. It is very difficult to try and [...]

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Salmon Fishing on The Magaree

      An article by Graham Anthony Having experienced the delights of fishing for Pacific salmon in and around Vancouver last year,I decided that  this years adventure would be for the predictably more challenging Atlantic salmon of east Canada.  Looking at the map did not inspire me at all, such a vast expanse of land sea [...]

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