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Streamer Fishing On Rivers an article by Ceri Thomas

Streamer Fishing On Rivers An article by Ceri Thomas It's well known that anglers in the USA and Europe like to fish streamers. To back this up you will often see trophy shots on Social media, complete with exotically named flies hanging from the hooked jaws of oversized brown trout. Despite the obvious proof that [...]

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Gwent Angling Society 2019 open skills day!

Gwent Angling Society is once again planning Open Day at Ty Mawr on Saturday 8th June 2019. All are welcome. Knowledgeable guides who fish and teach on the river will be demonstrating and explaining fishing and casting techniques in both single handed and double handed fishing. Following these, you will have the opportunity to fish with [...]

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An update on the Doethie in-river sand liming and Leader + forestry gully liming Pilot Project

Taken from: http://westwalesriverstrust.org/an-update-on-the-doethie-in-river-sand-liming-and-leader-forestry-gully-liming-pilot-project/ September 2018 Summary This paper is an update on a project designed to assess the benefits of adding crushed limestone to ameliorate the effects of episodic acidification, exacerbated by historic conifer forest, on the Doethie tributary of the upper river Tywi in Carmarthenshire. This liming programme began in 2010 with the annual [...]

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Key species on the menu for fish in the Usk and Wye catchments

Key species on the menu for fish in the Usk and Wye catchments An article by Dave Collins The list below is not intended to be comprehensive, and comments made are deliberately brief and for guidance only. Emergence patterns are generalised, can change according to seasonal weather conditions and can be earlier, later or more [...]

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The West Wales Rivers Trust Doethie and Upper Tywi Restoration Projects – a summary

The West Wales Rivers Trust Doethie and Upper Tywi Restoration Projects – a summary An article by Brian Jones. The following is a brief summary of remediation work carried out on the River Doethie tributary of the River Tywi in recent years. The Water Framework Directive criteria indicate that the upper River Tywi in North [...]

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The Real Threat to your Fishing!!

A Real Threat To Your Fishing Forever If you are an angler who fishes in Wales, whether occasionally or it is your main pastime, I have to tell you it is all under threat. This is not an idle threat but reality. Many groups, clubs and angling organisations have fought hard to preserve your right [...]

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Operation Alpine Cutthroat Trout

An Article By Alan Parfitt Operation Alpine Cutthroat trout  Date: Summer 2004 Location: Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada Target: Lake of the horns (McPhail lake) We knew it would be quite a challenge to reach the lake, catch a few trout and get back before nightfall. "Lake of the horns" is so called because of the types of [...]

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