Fly Tying Demo Night Review 2009

See the great tiers doing their stuff at the Demo Night earlier this year Below are the video footage of each of the tiers demonstrating different techniques and flies. Louis Noble {vimeo}66316609{/vimeo} Alun Rees {vimeo}66316610{/vimeo} Jonathan Davies {vimeo}66316613{/vimeo} Keith Passant {vimeo}66316614{/vimeo} Sean Jones {vimeo}66316617{/vimeo} {vimeo}66319456{/vimeo}

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Scandinavian Style Waddington

We have put this video together to show how to tie a Scandinavian style Waddington Salmon Fly Materials Hook:  Waddington Shank (size of choice) with appropriate treble Silk: 8/0 or 6/0 red Tag: Gold oval Tinsel Butt: Red floss Tail: Red Antron yarn Rib: Gold oval Body: in two halves. Rear Gold holo tinsel. Front [...]

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Materials Hook: long or short shank 6-12 Tail: red arctic fox or hackle fibres. Body: black floss Rib 1: mirage tinsel Rib 2: silver wire False hackle: black arctic fox or hackle fibres Wing 1: black arctic fox or squirrel Wing 2: 4 strands of mirage

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Cone head Temple Dog Tube fly

  Materials Hook: Plastic tube size of choice tied in the Froden FITS style Tag: Gold Oval with Red flou floss Tail:  Flou Red Antron or floss Rib: As tag Body: In two parts. Rear two thirds Gold holographic mylar tinsel. Front third either black floss or seals fur. Body Hackle: Orange dyed silver badger [...]

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