Spring Salmon Fishing On The Tweed

An article by Mark Roberts   I was sat at the tying desk last Friday when the phone rang unexpectedly. A good fishing friend was on the line explaining that due to familly circumstances he was unable to enjoy the first three days of a weeks fishing he had booked on the River Tweed from that following [...]

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Eyes Wide Open (Trout Fishing Techniques)

          In May this year a friend Gwillym Hughes from North Wales came to visit and as an avid game fly fisher I asked him if he would like to enjoy a day on the river Usk.   Gwillym accepted the offer immediately. I should point out to those that do [...]

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From Casting Clinic to First Salmon

An Article by Mark Roberts As you may or may not be aware the society decided three years ago that we had to have a qualified coach in the club for insurance purposes when running the open days at Ty Mawr.  Subsequently enquiey was made with the Trout and Salmon Association and I volunteered to [...]

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A Trout Fly Fishers Dream

  A Trout Fly Fishers Dream Highway to Paradise---  Alberta’s Forestry Trunk Road As big as Montana and Wyoming is combined the Canadian province of Alberta can only be classified as huge. A large proportion its vastness is covered with the remote inaccessible northern boreal forests while farther south prairies and parklands make up most [...]

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