Sea Trout Fishing in The Orkneys

Scenery, Solitude and Sewin - The perfect fishing trip. A few of us spent three weeks in the Orkney Islands (Scotland) and experienced fly fishing and spinning for Sea Trout in the crystal clear blue sea. From our time there we managed to pull together a video. See what you think! Video shown below 

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The Gaula, Norway . A Salmon River Adventure

The Gaula , Norway A salmon River Adventure. An Article by Richard Stevenson The river Gaula is a fast flowing , large river , based some 60 kilometres south of Trondheim in Norway and it winds its way through some of the most fantastic countryside I have seen and provides the angler with the chance [...]

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Fly Fishing Techniques For Bass,Pollack and Mackerel (Videos)

I was invited by a good friend Vaughan Thomas to visit him and try fly fishing for sea species together with another experienced sea fly fisher Alan Parfitt. This was an area of fly fishing completely new to me in that I hadn't seriously fished for sea fish with the fly since I lived in [...]

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Spring Trout Fishing on the River Usk

What a fantastic time of year this is. The end of the winter has almost come with the usual upsets in the weather but the long dark nights are starting to draw out and those feelings of excitement at catching the first wild fish of the season start to take over. Times change however and [...]

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