Streamer Fishing On Rivers an article by Ceri Thomas

Streamer Fishing On Rivers An article by Ceri Thomas It's well known that anglers in the USA and Europe like to fish streamers. To back this up you will often see trophy shots on Social media, complete with exotically named flies hanging from the hooked jaws of oversized brown trout. Despite the obvious proof that [...]

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Comments from Across the Sea Part 1

Comments from Across the Sea Part 1 An article by Lars Mehl Lars Mehl Introduction: I´m from Denmark and in total I have been fishing now for more than 50 years. I have taken the usual breaks from fishing caused by study, military service, periods of general education and also having a family. I [...]

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Fishing Small Streams

Keeping Things Simple (A Guide to Fishing Small Streams) Fly fishing on small streams seems to have risen in popularity over the past few years; small waters which, previously many would have passed without so much as a thought, are now earning a reputation for fantastic and challenging fishing, as well as for their high [...]

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Fishing Skills – Dry Fly Fishing

Following the success of the previous fishing skills day the Society organised another and from the feedback, we have already had it didn't disappoint. For those of you that missed the event here is some video footage of what we did. Part 1 of 4 Dry Fly Fishing with Chris Price [...]

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Loch Style Fishing – Llandegfedd Reservoir

Mark Roberts and Alun Rees are filmed fishing Loch Style boat fishing at Llandegfedd Reservoir. The following videos will give you a good insight to a wonderful days fishing and how it is done. Presented By: Mark Roberts Alun Rees Camera Crew: Mark Evans Lewis Parfitt Post Production & Editing: Lewis Parfitt Setup Boat Setup [...]

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