The March Brown (R.germanica)

The River Usk was a renowned early season river for both brown trout and salmon where many would travel from around the world to fish this wonderful river.  One of the aspects of this success particularly for brown trout were the unbelievable hatches of March Brown (r.germanica).  These large flies would emerge normally around the [...]

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Spring Invertibrates from The River Usk

Do we really understand and appreciate what the fish feed on in the spring on many of our rivers. This aspect of fly fishing is often ignored as is so essential to success. In order to help improve your chances I carried out a short 15 second kick sample on the River Usk and [...]

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An Anglers Guide To Scale Reading

An Article By Dave Hoskins (E.A. Scientist) Although on the face of it, the reading fish scales may sound very complicated.  In reality with a little practice and the aid of a microscope scales can be interpreted successfully. Scale Collection When removing scales always remove them from the higher side of the flank (just below [...]

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Major Classification of Flies

This article will hopefully  introduce you to the main types of fly that you will see by the river and which trout are interested in feeding on. They are divided into four main categories: · Up winged (Ephemeroptera)  May fly · Roof Winged (Trichoptera)    Sedge fly · Flat Winged (Diptera)             Midge · Hard Winged (Plecoptera)      Stonefly    I will attempt [...]

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