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Streamer Fishing On Rivers an article by Ceri Thomas

Streamer Fishing On Rivers An article by Ceri Thomas It's well known that anglers in the USA and Europe like to fish streamers. To back this up you will often see trophy shots on Social media, complete with exotically named flies hanging from the hooked jaws of oversized brown trout. Despite the obvious proof that [...]

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Catching Sea Trout

An Article by Alun Rees Although Seatrout are caught in daylight using a variety of methods, the most enjoyable and by far the most productive method used to catch this elusive fish is with the fly at night. To the initiated, this is quite an obvious statement. Night-time is when Seatrout come out to play [...]

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Starting Fishing For Sea Trout

An Article by Alun Rees. Before I discuss tackle and tactics, I feel it's necessary that I should first discuss the intended quarry. In military terms, it would be described as 'Know your enemy' or in this case, know your sea trout! The more knowledge you have about your chosen quarry, the better prepared you'll [...]

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How to Set up Your Reel, Line and Leader Video’s

I have put together a number of video clips to show you how to do the following. This is for both novice and experienced fisher alike. I say this as I personally never stop learning about fishing every time I go out on the water. 1.  Attach the backing line to the reel spool. [...]

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What Size Salmon Fly?

Many people ask me how to choose what size fly to fish in given conditions. This is never an easy question to answer as there are so many variables and to be honest most of it is only learnt by experience. Having made this negative comment I will hopefully raise your spirits by saying that [...]

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