Black and Yellow Intruder style Salmon Fly


Materials Needed:

For the Mount

Thread: Veevus GSP 30d thread

Waddington Shank or Intruder shank length of choice

Wire: Hareline Senyo’s thin Intruder wire (Colour of your Choice)

Eyes: Optional but normally 3.3mm dumb bell eyes

Hook: Partridge Patriot size 6 Intruder hook (single)

For Tying

Rear Dubbing Ball: Loop dubbing colour Kola Gold.

Rear Tailing: Lady Amethyst Pheasant tail fibres dyed yellow.

Body: Mirage Tinsel doubled and then UV varnished

Forward Dubbing Ball: Loop dubbing colour Kola Gold with Lady Amethyst Pheasant tail fibres dyed yellow mixed in.

Over wing: Rhea dyed black

Cheeks: Jungle Fowl nails

Head: Dyed Black


To watch how to tie this pattern view the video tutorial below




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