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I am the Secretary of the Gwent Angling Society and also an Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor in Fly Dressing, single handed and double handed fishing. My aim is to share the knowledge I have in order to enhance your fishing experience

Know your fish food Part 5- Yellow May Dun

Yellow May Dun( Heptagenia Sulphurea) There was a time where I wouldn't have thought of using a pattern to imitate this fly. However how times have changed. This fly has become very important to the fish of the River Usk particularly since the lack of March Browns during the past few years. The fly is [...]

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Know Your fish Food Part 4-The Olive Upright

The Olive Upright (Rhithrogena Semiclorata) A very important food source for both trout and grayling on the Rivers Usk and Wye This insect is a very important food source for the River Usk and Wye as it arrives at the end of the Grannom and March Brown hatches and the Dark Olives have diminished in [...]

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Know Your Fish Food Part 3-The Iron Blue

Know your Fish Food 3 The Iron Blue (Baetis Pumilis) This is the one fly that likes the cold and will hatch in the colder days of spring from lunch time to early evening during April and May depending on the weather. It can then reappear in the Autumn. Easily recognised as they are very [...]

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Know your Fish Food Part 2 The Large Dark Olive

One of the first flies to show on the river in any numbers and an important food source for both trout and grayling. All the photographs sen below show both male and female insects at differing times of their life cycle and were recorded on the River Usk between 1960 and 1986. Its scientific name [...]

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Michael Wade – A Man of the River

Dr Michael Wade Dr Michael Wade  There are a number of people that we meet or hear of that have a profound effect on the rivers we fish and often they go unseen or unrecognised for the work that they do. One such man is the late Dr Michael Wade. A General Practioner whose surgery [...]

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Know your Fish Food Part 1 The March Brown

  Dr Michael Wade.  This article has been put together with the kindness and generosity of the family of the late Michael Wade. I should explain that Michael was a GP in Risca and was interested in the insects and fly life that trout feed upon in the River Usk. Such was his passion that he [...]

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