About Mark Roberts

I am the Secretary of the Gwent Angling Society and also an Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor in Fly Dressing, single handed and double handed fishing. My aim is to share the knowledge I have in order to enhance your fishing experience

Gwent Angling Society Casting and Fishing skills clinic

The Casting and Fishing Skills Clinic started once again. The next clinic will be at 10am this coming Sunday 8th April 2018 at Ty Mawr, Gilwern on the river Usk near Abergavenny. You do not have to be a member to join us at this event and it is the start of many. The Clinic [...]

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The Quill Bodied CDC Dry fly

The Quill Bodied CDC Dry Fly: Materials: Hook: Partridge SLD fine dry barbless or similar Silk: White uni thread 70 denier or similar Tail: Coq de leon fibres Body: Stripped Peacock tail herls Thorax: Fox squirrel fibres or alternatively hares ear Wing: 4 X CDC Feathers tied back to back.   To view the video [...]

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The West Wales Rivers Trust Doethie and Upper Tywi Restoration Projects – a summary

The West Wales Rivers Trust Doethie and Upper Tywi Restoration Projects – a summary An article by Brian Jones. The following is a brief summary of remediation work carried out on the River Doethie tributary of the River Tywi in recent years. The Water Framework Directive criteria indicate that the upper River Tywi in North [...]

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Black and Yellow Intruder style Salmon Fly

  Materials Needed: For the Mount Thread: Veevus GSP 30d thread Waddington Shank or Intruder shank length of choice Wire: Hareline Senyo's thin Intruder wire (Colour of your Choice) Eyes: Optional but normally 3.3mm dumb bell eyes Hook: Partridge Patriot size 6 Intruder hook (single) For Tying Rear Dubbing Ball: Loop dubbing colour Kola Gold. [...]

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Tying the Quill Bodied Emerger

Tying Materials: Silk: 70 denier uni-nylon coloured white Wing: CDC either natural or dyed (4 feathers) Hook: Partridge Emerger size 16 (or size to suit the hatch) Tail: Coch De Leon Fibres Body: Either natural stripped quill from the eye feather from a peacock or stripped peacock herl. Thorax: Fox squirrel or alternatively hare's ear [...]

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Comments from Across the Sea Part 1

Comments from Across the Sea Part 1 An article by Lars Mehl Lars Mehl Introduction: I´m from Denmark and in total I have been fishing now for more than 50 years. I have taken the usual breaks from fishing caused by study, military service, periods of general education and also having a family. I [...]

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