Wales is blessed with many great fishers and tiers and with out doubt Andrew fits that bill in bucket loads. He has represented his country at International level and is an avid sewin angleron the rivers of South Wales.

Andrew is also a brilliant and innovative fly dresser and often comes up with a series of flies that are different from the norm.

This series of snake flies are an example of his skills as a tier and are a credit to his fishing abilities as a sewin angler. As you will see with the flies below he is able to uterliseĀ  materials not always readilly available to the regular tier and create some fantastic and effective patterns.

If you are interested in getting any of Andrew’s patterns then you may contact him direct atĀ

AR01 Snake Fly
The AR01 combines those colours that seatrout find very attractive. The combination of Black and Red seems to catch more than it’s fair share of Seatrout each year. The addition of Orange gives the fly a hint of Dovey Black and Orange without making it a dark fly.

One to use at the start of a nights fishing to make the best of the light as the sun sets.



AR02 Snake Fly
The AR02 sports an uncommon colour scheme for seatrout and is probably more suited as a salmon pattern. However, that said, many rivers despite ‘looking’ crystal clear, are often peat stained.

A snake to use for both Salmon and Seatrout during the day in water that’s fining down after a summer spate.



AR03 Snake Fly
The AR03 sports a colour that is considered essential when targetting fresh seatrout; Blue. It also contains a very underrated and much under used colour, purple. In differing light conditions, purple can be seen to change through the colour spectrum from black through to grey; something knowledgeable Steelhead anglers use to their advantage.

A snake to use when targetting fresh Seatrout in the estuary or the salt. Don’t confine it’s use to rivers only though, this fly would make a very useful Bass fly too.



AR04 Snake Fly
A lighter pattern than the AR03. Once again based around the colour blue.

Use this fly both day and night for fresh Seatrout. A useful addition to any Saltwater Fly Fishers flybox



AR05 Snake Fly
The AR05 has another killer Seatrout colour combination of Black and Blue; a favourite on many Seatrout Rivers throughout Wales. The addition of purple gives it the edge over standard black and blue flies and could prove to be a killer pattern when standard flies aren’t working.

If blue black and silver is your standard point of attack, try this one to show the fish something different!



AR06 Snake Fly
Very similar to many North American Steelhead patterns and the Harry Potter tube fly, the AR06 nevertheless is a fly to use in any condition. Purple is a much underrated colour in the UK but if you speak to some knowledgeable Scottish Ghillies, it can be a cracking change colour when nothing else is working.

Keep this one handy for when standard patterns aren’t working.



AR07 Snake Fly
Apparently, a Seatrout’s eyesight is very similar to our own. At night therefore, when there is little or no light, colours lose their hue and tone and just appear as shades of grey or black. Why do we use colours in our Seatrout flies then? Well, it’s all a matter of confidence.

However, if you subscribe to the theory that Seatrout can’t see colours at night, the AR07 is the snake for you. With it’s mixture of black and white, at night, this fly will give a contrasting silhouette that will make it appear and disappear as the reflected light levels change. It could prove irresistable.



AR08 Snake Fly
The colour combination of the AR08 needs no introduction! Very much along the lines of the Stoats tail family, this fly, with the addition of the yellow underwing will be at home on any river.

Fish it anytime with confidence for both Salmon and Seatrout




AR09 Snake Fly
The AR09 sports a similar colour scheme to a very famous Salmon fly, the Green Highlander. It’s well known that early in the season and when fresh, Salmon respond better to yellow and green based flies than other colour combinations.

Try this one in the tidal stretches for both Salmon and Sewin or even if you suspect there are some fresh fish in evidence.



AR10 Snake Fly
Using a colour scheme similar to that famous Scittish Salmon Fly, the Jock Scott, the AR10 is an extremely attractive fly. It was once said that the Jock Sott was “the best all round fly, for all conditions and all seasons, in any river in Great Britain. It has the best blend of colour that has ever been invented for a Salmon Fly.”

Give it a go for both Salmon and Seatrout



AR11 Snake Fly
A striking fly, the AR11 can be used the season through. It combines yellow which is good in the early season with red and orange that combine well for the back end of the season. In addition, because of the striking colours, it would be at home in any clearing spate.

Fish this with confidence in falling water for both Salmon and Seatrout. Alternatively, use it in bright sunlight and the faster runs when Grilse are showing and prepared to chase the fly.



AR12 Snake Fly
Another striking fly, the AR12 can be used from mid season onwards. With the incorporation of bright orange, this is a superb fly to use in heavily peat stained water and can be seen to ‘glow’.

Fish this with confidence in any clearing spate right up to the end of the season for both Salmon and Seatrout and especially in the fast runs when Grilse are showing and prepared to chase the fly.



AR13 Snake Fly
A more sombre pattern than the AR12, but nevertheless, the AR13 can be used with confidence in lightly peat stained waters.

Once again, if there are resident fish that aren’t prepared to chase, try hanging this fly over your favourite lies.



AR14 Snake Fly
A sombre pattern, the AR14 combines both brown and gold with just a hint of orange to good effect.

A pattern to use when either the fish are stale and not prepared to move to anything flashy, or when fishing the back end and you don’t want to attract those kype jawed cock fish.



AR15 Snake Fly
The quintessential Seatrout pattern; Black and Silver. This colour combination catches more Seatrout annually than any other. With the addition of a little bit of flash in the wing, it also provides just that little bit extra.

One to fish for Seatrout at anytime of the season!



AR16 Snake Fly
The pink and blue combination of the AR16 works really well. Similar to a Silver Wilkinson but a bit brighter, use this snake both early morning and late evening for both Salmon and Sewin. Can be extremely good when there is still a slight colour to the River.