The Gwent Angling Society was founded in 1964 to fish waters on the Usk at Llan Farm, Goytre a beat belonging to a local trust then administered by the old Gwent County Council.

At the invitation of the old County Council the Society later took over the Authority’s water on the Usk at Ty Mawr, Gilwern and now lease the same water off the current private owner.

The changes of administration of the Llan and the change of ownership of Ty Mawr enabled the Club to move forward with more certainty and security for its members. The acquisitions of more quality fishing water has enabled the Club to thrive and development of skills training and environmental awareness adds to the satisfaction of members whose numbers have gradually increased over the years.

The Society has access to four main beats;

  1. ¾ of a mile on the Llan Farm side of the Usk at Goytre
  2. 1 mile of single bank fishing at the Ty Mawr side of the Usk at Gilwern.
  3. 1 mile of single bank fishing on the Usk at Baker’s Farm Chain Bridge.
  4. 1 mile of single bank fishing on the Usk at Pen Y Worllod (above Llanfoist Bridge, Abergavenny)
  5. Over a mile of double bank fishing on the Wye at Wyastone Leys, Monmouth.
  6. Nearly 4 miles double Bank fishing on the Sirhowy at Tredegar.
  7. ½ Single Bank fishing on the Monnow at Monmouth.

The Usk is a premier Salmon and Brown Trout river, and our beats are situated in particularly beautiful and scenic areas of the Usk Valley. The beat on the Wye is a premier stretch of Salmon water whilst the Sirhowy gives anglers a taste of wild brook trout fishing.

The aim of this site is to act as a resource for all anglers interested in fly fishing and tying.

We aim to be a centre where anyone can ask any question relating to the sport and we encourage active constructive debate on those related topics.

You will find that many articles are associated with the sport in general rather than our specific beats or styles of fishing them. It is hoped that this will encourage a crossover of information and ideas so that all may benefit.

We are aware that beats under our control are only held in trust for future generations and we have a great responsibility to see that they are carefully managed and preserved for our current and future members.

We hope you will enjoy the site and if you have any comments or contributions that you would like to give then by all means contact us.