A good week for John Galvin

The great thing about fishing is that there are always new things to learn or experiences to enjoy.

A good week for John Galvin

The great thing about fishing is that there are always new things to learn or experiences to enjoy.

Those of us who know John Galvin have great respect for his abilities and determination as a Sewin and Salmon angler. What you may not know is that John until recently had never caught a Bass by spinning or using a fly.

John and I have talked about Bass trip to Pembrokeshire for ages but it was only a week or so ago we finally made the effort. The forecast was perfect. A spring tide rising towards the high water as it got dark and no winds to work up the water and stop us fishing. Well, that’s what we thought.

On parking the car about a half mile from our proposed fishing mark I could hear the sea. That meant only one thing-surf.

The problem of a groundswell from a distant storm way out in the Atlantic is always a possibility in Pembrokeshire and we had been caught out.

We were there now though so we decided to give it a go anyway. The walk in the sunshine along the shore with the company of Ravens, Choughs and a Peregrine falcon made the effort worthwhile.

We carried on to the first mark in the hope we could cope but after an hour or so it became clear we were wasting our time.

I have always preached that you must always be prepared to move around when Bass fishing so I persuaded John to walk for about 45 minutes to another mark which was quite sheltered from the swell.

Bingo! 3 bass fell to Johns spinner. Not big fish but his first on a lure.“As good as catching a Salmon was John’s exclamation.

A few days later and we were on the Wye at Builth.

The target this time was Grayling.

October is the best month because the weather is often warm and it often possible to catch them on dry fly.

When we arrived the river was fairly low and clear.

There was no rise so we varied our fishing tactics from deep nymphing to small wet flies fished Salmon style.

Alwyn who had joined us for the day soon had a few nice grayling to the net.

I suggested to John that he try his skills right up in the narrow neck of the pool where I know good grayling can be sometimes found.

John took up my suggestion while I went down the river. I returned into view half an hour later to see John’s rod with a good bend in it. ‘Looks like he might have a Salmon. I commented to Alwyn and we both went up to have a look and help if it was needed.

a Salmon exclaimed John though I am not sure if we can get him out with an only 3lb leader.

John played the fish carefully and we waited for a glimpse.

“Looks like a trout to me” I said.

“Can’t be” said John, but as we all got a clearer view we realised that our suspicions were well founded.

A few minutes later John’s biggest ever wild brown trout was on the bank.

A beauty of 4lbs. plus.

A good week for John Galvin