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Tying the Quill Bodied Emerger

Tying Materials: Silk: 70 denier uni-nylon coloured white Wing: CDC either natural or dyed (4 feathers) Hook: Partridge Emerger size 16 (or size to suit the hatch) Tail: Coch De Leon Fibres Body: Either natural stripped quill from the eye feather from a peacock or stripped peacock herl. Thorax: Fox squirrel or alternatively hare's ear [...]

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The Gingler

The Gingler (or Jingler) This season I have had a great deal of success with this version of the Gingler or Jingler and so have others. The version here has been tied with the partridge hackle flowing back. Since making the video I have learnt that the original version was tied with the hackle facing [...]

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